Current Works

Working with raw elements of the earth, natural found objects, pieces are created and integrated into the landscape. In this series Invasive Species, the work explores the relationship between human systems and nature, it begs the question-Are we an invasive species? Each of these works includes the use of invasive plants and simple construction methods to create the works. 

These earth/land works are ephemeral, sometimes just a few days and often absorbed back into the ground. The photo documentation is meant to represent the work when created, during its existence and the inevitable deterioration or dismattling.


Setlement-Unsettlement #1 2018 diptych.jpg

Settlement-Unsettlement #1

July-September 2018 Southwest Wisconsin, USA

In this diptych piece, a small settlement was created from invasive honeysuckle berries, moss and stone. Its meant to replicate the 1950's highway and clover-leafing of the land. Recalling honeysuckle in the suburbs as a kid and now today, on our small farm in southwest Wisconsin, which is riddled with this non-native. The second part of this land work was the wiping away of the village by way of a strong storm and heavy rain, its a reminder that our interface with our environment needs careful consideration.


Four Letter Words #2

July 2018 Southwest Wisconsin, USA

Canada Golden Rod, Eastern Red Cedar

Native, but invasive Canada Golden Rod is employed to recognize the four letters that represent DNA. Gently flowing, ever persistent though all, language we all use, but can't speak.  The golden rod was cut and letters assembled using very small pieces of dried cedar twigs. 

Spinus Cupertinii #2

February 2018 Southwest Wisconsin, USA

Box Elder Tree Bark 

Using stripped bark from the invasive Box Elder, 1's and 0's we made to form this binary sculpture. The weather warmed and water flowed though this seasonal creek, a quick freeze created an amazing scene with tufts of green and brown grass, blueish ice in the winter's morning light. An exploration of our common new language, as ubiquitous as pasture grass.


Greater Than Equal, Less Than Not Equal #1

October 2017 Southwest Wisconsin, USA

Moss, Log  

Carved into a moss covered log, the symbols let us determine who and what gets placed where.

Genisis or Nemisis c5775.1color (3).jpg

Genesis or Nemesis #1

January 2017 Southwest Wisconsin, USA

Yellow Twig Dogwood, Black Cap canes, Buckthorn 

The Penrose pattern by the famed mathematician Roger Penrose has long been a subject of the work since the early 1990's and still today. The random arrangement of these two diamond shapes express inter connection while flowing freely in a random, yet organized pattern. Floating in a small spring with cold, clear water, patterned ice formations, frozen grasses and the reflection of the tree branches made for a special piece. This was my first attempt at this construction method and the piece deteriorated in a few days.


Penrose in the Pond

February 2017 Southwest Wisconsin, USA

Yellow Twig Dogwood, Buckthorn, Grass

This piece is still a work in progress and will take presenting multiple images for documenting the complete cycle. Having made a small change to the construction method, this work stayed in place for several weeks and eventually sank to the bottom, then was absorbed back into the ground.