Our Shop - Lancaster WI

Located on an organic farm among the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin, our shop is constructed from many re-purposed materials such as used shipping containers, doors/windows, interior walls and more. Wood scraps provide the majority of our heating needs.  We make good use of the local hardwoods like walnut, oak, cherry & maple, by having logs sawn and then dried in our solar powered wood kiln. We never forget our place in the environment and the responsibility to help preserve it.





Bill Mitchell - President/Owner

A career spanning 25+ years across several creative disciplines, from fine art & landscape design to woodworking & construction, has shaped a vision focused on clean, thoughtful design and an unwavering commitment to community & environment. A lifelong dedicated gleaner of under appreciated objects add to the uniqueness of the work. The 'Cradle to Cradle' design philosophy stands as the benchmark in how everything designed and created.